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Teesside & North Yorkshire Trail Riders Fellowship


Conserving our heritage of Green Roads

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The national site of the TRF can be found here:

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TRF members.

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The TRF is a national, voluntary and non-competitive body that was established in 1970,

for people who enjoy exploring green lanes by motorbike.

If you are looking to ride competitively try the North of England  Enduro Club

Check out the Teesside & North Yorkshire T.R.F. Forum here:

Vehicle Parking

Scotch Corner Services

The car park we all tend to use at Scotch Corner in the far corner of the hotel car park no one ever uses is now being patrolled by the jobs worth employed by the site owners to hand out parking fines , he takes photos of vehicles left for long periods and then posts the fine to the address of the vehicle owner, a local trf er has just shown me his 50 quid fine .So be warned the car park is no longer FREE

Illegal Riders

The T.R.F. are now working with Police to try and combat illegal riders. The joint effort will help in prosecutions of illegal off road activity.


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clip_image002 THE PANTRY

The coffee shop at Lockton on the route to Scarborough is open.

They have a Muddy room and a Clean room ,so all are welcome.

On the 16th & 17th of July 2011 the roman road from Bainbridge to Hawes had some repairs made to it. There was a small 400 metre section that needed ruts filling in. The Teesside & North Yorkshire TRF members attended to assist the National Park with the repair. Hopefully this will prevent the road from being closed due to a bad state of repair.

TRF repair the roman road in the Yorkshire Dales

roman road repair

Chris gamble and Richard Baker on the Job at Briscoe Farm.

Now the gates are installed there is no need to go into the cow field.

 Please remember to close the gates.

Brisco Farm Gates

New Gates at Brisco Farm.

Permissive route lost.


TRF riders have now been told in no uncertain fashion that permission has now been withdrawn at the Gollingforth end of the Red Way. The final part of the lane has always been permissive.

Looking after Green Lanes means some graft. What better way to improve the image of the TRF than going out ,onto your favourite Lane, clearing out the drainage channels and doing a "bit a bit of Pruning".

Every little helps. You can do a lot in a couple of hours and meet the Public. Your chance to put something back and show other users that the TRF really do care.

Craig and Ralph Digging

June lane repair 2012


If you are thinking about heading out into the countryside, please read the information about Off-road driving from the North York Moors National Park.  Click on the logo above.

endurotek neec logo lanesheep

Lambing Season

Please do not use this lane from January until May as new born lambs are in the field.

moor lane

New T.R.O.

Rudda Road to Moorland House,


North Yorkshire.

Valid From 03/06/2013

 Until 02/12/2014

Teesside & North Yorkshire TRF

Important Notice for 2014 Members


Apologies to any of you that have already received this by email but I have had to resend it because there was some feedback at last Tuesdays meeting that not everyone had received it.


After talking to members at the meeting before last and getting an enthusiastic response from most of those present I have secured the use of a room at the Three Tuns pub in Thirsk for the TRF meetings.


The rationale behind this decision is quite simple:


We are currently paying £20 to hire the Ranch house per meeting, that's £240 per year, or roughly half the amount the raffle raises.


Attendance can be sporadic, especially in winter. Who wants to get stuck in Skutterskelfe !


The room is currently many times larger than we need, could this lead to fractionalisation of members ?


Thirsk is just about bang on the centre of the area T&NYTRF cover in terms of membership.


Wetherspoons, The Three Tuns, will provide the room FREE of charge,


The room is plenty large enough, but .... Cosier.


Should you be getting there straight from work, you can grab a bite to eat (could enhance the social side).


If you are peckish, The Three Tuns will be putting on a bucket of chips after the meeting, again, FREE of charge !


Thirsk is only 5-10 minutes further to travel if coming south down the A19 , as opposed to a cross country route to Skutterskelfe, I would argue a safer route in inclement weather.


This, of course, is not set in stone to happen. I have been made aware that a couple of members have expressed concern about the move as it increases the distance they must travel. An extra 12 miles. However, it does put us in a more central position & would hopefully attract members from west of our area.


I am obviously open to (constructive,clean) comments, and will put the proposal to members at the next meeting.


Could I therefore urge you to consider the proposal, for ALL members, and should you not be able to attend the next meeting but would like to comment then please contact either myself or your secretary by clicking the links in blue to send an e-mail, Gerry Heyden.


Many thanks,




Craig Layfield, Chairman, T&NYTRF.